Introduction: Felt Wine Bag

This is my first instructable.

my idea was born from need to make a Xmas gift for my friends.

a useful and nice gift, ease to make it.



Step 1: Materials

cut 3-4 mm felt 18cm x 94 cm with a hole of 10 cm diameter. (4 cm for the border).
alternative material is an old jeans, the legs is perfect and durable.

not trashing the circle.

Step 2: Sew the Felt

if you have, bring the sewing machine and choise your favorite stitch

I used letter "F" because I think is strong for my wire

Step 3: Sewing Circle

sewing circle

Step 4: Result

result of sewing circle

Step 5: Fold in Half the Felt

fold in half the felt and fix it with needles

Step 6: Sewing Border Felt

sewing border felt but remember to don't sewing the base (4 cm clear)

Step 7: Sewing the Circle

sewing the circle and use it for support the bottle on the table

Step 8: Final Result

enjoy and happy Xmas from Itay

(sorry for my english)


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