Introduction: Felted Pineapple Air Plant Holder

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If you have an air plant and like pineapples, this DIY is for you. Air plants look a lot like the tops of pineapples, so I thought, what better way to display my air plant than this?

You will need:

-An air plant (This one came from etsy)

-Some yellow wool roving

-A felting needle

-Some foam (To felt on)

Step 1: Felt the Pineapple

To felt the pineapple, I started by felting a bowl shape that fit my air plant. This will be the top of your pineapple. I next added extra felt below to give it some height. Finally, I shaped it into more of a pineapple shape.

Step 2: Finishing Touches

Finish felting your pineapple and make it look nice. Trim off extra bits of wool. Add your air plant. Super cute as decor or a gift.

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