Introduction: Felted Wool Flower

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This is my first felted project (other than little wool balls). I found it to be a surprisingly easy project and it took a few hours over a few evenings to complete.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

For this project you will need:

  • Wool in a selection of colours - I chose a purple, blue and green
  • Wool thread for the centres
  • Beads
  • Needle felting tool
  • Large piece of foam

Step 2: Felt the Petals

Lay out sections of felt in a basic flower shape on top of your piece of foam - I created 5 petals.

Using your needle felting tool, stab the needle through the felt and into the foam rapidly. Do this all over the flower until it lays flat. Then carefully peel the wool off of the foam, flip it over and repeat.

Perform the stab and flip several more times until the flower shape feels like holds its form well.

Step 3: Felt the Stem

Roll about 8 pieces of wool thread into the wool you are using for your stem (I chose green and mixed in some blue).

Continuously roll and stab the stem until it holds shape, working your way up until about 4 inches from the thread ends.

Step 4: Attach Stem to Flower

Cut a hole in the centre of the flower.

Pull the orange and red wool threads through the hole.

Bunch all of your petals together and start to attach the stem to the flower head at the base. Work your way slowly out from the centre, shaping the green stem into leaves that attach onto your flower.

Add wool as needed to more securely attach the stem to the flower.

Step 5: Sculpt

The wool is pretty forgiving so shape and felt the stem and head until you are pleased with the form that your flower takes. Perform any touch-ups that are required - sometime the felting merges the colours too much and you'll want to cover up. You'll likely have to add more wool in both colours.

Add beads to the centre wool threads.

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