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You can't go wrong by making a nice felted hat for the cold winter months. This is a quick and easy project to make in about an hour, if the fabric has already been washed and ironed. It was great fun deciding how to decorate it. I suggest going to the links that I have included because she had a different look than mine.  I liked the idea that I made mine interchangeable. A felted craft can be made by using old sweaters or going to the thrift store and buying them.  Look at the hall I made today for 12 bucks! I priced a piece of felted wool at the craft store and it was 12X12 for about 5 dollars!  My instructions teach you how to make felted wool.  It also includes the pattern. To get a better idea on how the original pattern looks view the link.  Mine was too large because I added the ribbing and did not pink the edges.  Lets make a hat!  

Step 1: Supplies

This is what you will need:
  • Felted wool approx 1/3 yard
  • Sweater ribbing approx 28 inches long and 1 inch wide
  • Contrasting fabric approx 1/3 yard
  • Necktie
  • 1 Felt scrap for flower embellishment 
  • Thread
  • Velcro
  • Variety of buttons for embellishment
  • Silk flower assortment for embellishments
  • Fabric glue
  • PC and printer 

Step 2: Tools

This is what you will need:

Step 3: Preparations

Getting ready:
  1. Pre-wash and dry fabrics
  2. Press if needed
  3. Print out the pattern
If you are interested in felting your own sweater or wool here is the link on how to do that: step 3. 

Pattern here:

Step 4: Pattern Layout

Cutting the fabric:
  1. Pin the pattern to the wool.
  2. Cut it out.
  3. Pin the pattern to the contrasting fabric.
  4. Cut it out. 

Step 5: Sew

Sewing the dart:
  1. Fold the triangle shaped area right sides together as shown.
  2. Sew both darts. See bottom note.
  3. Trim loose threads.
Please note: I did not like the way she sewed the dart so if you notice on the blue fabric I curved it instead of sewing at an angel. 
I also had to piece the wool I had to enlarge the piece.  So don't let this sewn part confuse you.  

Step 6: The Tie and Ribbing

Cutting the tie and ribbing:
  1. Fold the tie in half.
  2. Cut off the narrow ends to measure 12 inches.  This will be the hat ties. 
  3. Save the remaining tie piece for an embellishment later.  
  4. On one of the tie pieces you will need to hand sew a point to look like the other tie piece.
  5. Trim the ribbing to 1inch for the hat rim. ( Keep in mind you want the finished edge to extend on the brim.)

Step 7: Pinning the Pieces Together

Here is how to pin the pieces together to be sewn:
  1. Lay the felted wool right side facing you.
  2. Place the ribbing on the edge (see picture) and pin it in.
  3. The ribbing goes around 3 sides as not to have it on the bottom of the hat.
  4. Notice the raw edge of the ribbing is along the outer edge of the hat and the finished edge of the ribbing is facing the center of the hat.   
  5. Next place the tie pieces on each end of the sides and pin it at the bottom edge on the side section as shown.
  6. Next lay the right side of the contrasting lining to the right side of the hat piece as shown.

Step 8: Sewing

Sewing the pieces together:
  1. Begin sewing at the bottom of the hat away from center. 
  2. Sew all the way around leaving a 4-6 inch opening so it can be turned right side out.
  3. Remove and trim the threads. 
  4. Clip curves.
  5. Turn right side out.
  6. Press well.
  7. Turn under the unfinished edge.
  8. Press well.

Step 9: Finished Seam

Finishing the edge:
  1. Sew all the way around the hat as shown making a nice finished seam.
  2. Trim threads.
  3. Press well.

Step 10: Embellishments

Adding the embellishments:
  1. Cut off the remaining tie piece to the length you want.
  2. Turn under the raw edge.
  3. Gather it and tie it off as shown.
  4. Sew the small rounded velcro piece to the back of it.
  5. Glue the Velcro dot to the button.
  6. Glue the Velcro dot to the silk flower.
  7. Cut out a felt flower.
  8. Sew a Velcro dot to the back of it.
  9. I thought the buttons added to the ties were cute.
  10. Mark where you will want to place your embellishments on the hat and sew a Velcro dot over the mark.  

Step 11: Sunshiine's Final Thoughts

This hat turned out so cute.  I just whipped up a few embellishments to see what it would look like.  As I find felt flower patterns I will embroidery them and make seasonal embellishments as well.  It can be reversible depending if you use a necktie for the hat ties.  The neck tie will have a wrong side so it does not look that great on the reverse side.  If you want it reversible then use ribbon.  I liked the idea of interchanging the embellishments.  You can do this any number of ways to create a stylish look.  I will be making Holiday decorations for it as time goes on. You should look at the link from the website, she pinked the edges. I liked the look of the pinked edges.  It would be easier to make them that way. I will be using this pattern a lot.  It is quite fashionable. 

Thank you for stopping by and do have a safe and warm December!

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