Introduction: Ferris Wheel Keychain Display

Hello, first to tell you that English is not my language a lot has been translated into English by a translator, there may be some poorly translated inconsistencies.

This instructable started when my wife wanted to open a gift shop and wanted to put a few key chains (more than 70) for sale, but we couldn't find any exhibitor that would convince us and attract attention, so I decided to design a Ferris wheel to make it with the 3D printer and some woods, in which you can hang the key chains and be able to turn them to see all of them.

Let's start the instructable.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

The necessary tools:

3D printer (of course).

Allen wrenches.

Wood saw.

Pliers just in case something gets stuck.

Materials: PLA plastic coil (in my case white color).

2 types of wooden sticks to cut them to the necessary measures, I will assign a letter to each measure.

7 sticks with a diameter of 10mm by 300mm.

4 units letter A 300 mm long

2 pieces letter B long 115 mm

2 pieces letter C long 270 mm

50 sticks approximately (buy a pack and do not count) 3mm in diameter by 240mm long.

letter D 24 units of 240mm long

letter E 24 units of 131mm long

letter F 12 pieces of 115 mm

2 608zz bearings.

8 3x20 wood screws

2 M3 screws with double nut.

White glue for wood.

Step 2: .stl Files

Printing files: I leave the .stl files for you to print.

The quantity to print of each piece are:

2 units of noria01, noria02, noria05 and noria07

24 units of noria03

4 units of noria04

72 or more of noria 06

Once everything is printed we begin to join the pieces that are numbered to clarify ourselves better.

Step 3:


We use the white glue to glue the plastic with the wood in the necessary parts (if they do not fit well we can pass a 3 mm drill bit to clean the holes and that the better), we start by joining the noria01 with the stick A and placing the bearings, We continue to join the noria02 with the stick B with the wood screws.

Now we join everything with the M3 screws we put 2 nuts so that they do not loosen and come loose.

Now it remains standing and we can already put the D in the noria02 with glue, let it dry and put the noria03 joining with the other part with the F, once we finish we continue to put the E sticks in the noria03 pieces.

Once all the glue has dried, we continue putting pieces noria04 and noria05 that are joined together.

Finally we screw the C with the noria04 and place the hooks noria06 for the key chains.

the plugs or noria07 are put on after proving that everything turns well and without problems

And ready we have the Ferris wheel running.

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