Introduction: Ferrocell, Magnetic Fields Viewer

Difficulty of realization 7/10

Step 1: How to Work

This is the best magnetic field viewer I've ever seen. The field lines are displayed with clarity like no other device or trick you can do.

Apply light and magnetism to either surface. Polarization of the applied magnetic field will determine the "angle of incidence" light experiences as it exits the cell.
Using a permanent magnet is the easiest way to apply a polar field and see how a Ferrocell will change the path of light and appear as a holographic image to the viewer.
One component of the viewed image represents the Null Zone of the field in 3-D. This is the lowest potential or Zero Point. Each point of light will follow a path in relation to its relative position in space around the magnetic field. Another component we see is the Neel or more generally, the Bloch Wall. This appears as a perpendicular band through the center of the magnetic field.

Step 2: How It Make

To build a Ferrocell you need to:

2 glass plates or acrylic perspex sheets
Mineral oil
A LED strip
Some neodymium magnets

Dilute ferrofluid with mineral oil in a ratio 1/4 ferrofluid and 3/4 Mineral Oil

Distribute the preparation onto a glass plate and place the second plate over the first so that the oil spills over the entire surface. Eliminate any air bubbles by pressing on the glass to get the bubbles off the edge. The preparation with the ferrofluid is so dirty takes the appropriate precautions to avoid spoiling the things around you

Seal the edges of the plate. I used the simple transparent tape.

Put the plate over a strip of LED as seen in the video, approaching a powerful magnet you will see distinctly the lines of its magnetic field.

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This amazing invention was made by Timm Vanderelli

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Runner Up in the
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