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I learned about ferrocement some years ago and I thought it was so nice people made boats and other things with this.

Then I thought about using plaster of paris to experiment. I searched everywhere online but only came up with either medical or artistic use.

I call this Ferroplasterofparis, it is the same thing but using plaster of paris instead of cement. Plaster of paris is very easy to break and the structure you see on the pictures is less than 2 centimeters thick (0.7 inches).

It is made of 3 layers of chicken wire only, no rebar, only chicken wire and plaster of paris.

Honestly I thought it would break with 1 kg (2 pounds), the small weight you see in the picture but it didnt break. I kept adding it and it still would not break. I used all my iron weight, 13 kg (28 pounds) and nothing, the structure didnt even crack. You notice the weight makes contact with the structure with the small weight so it is concentraded all the weight in that spot. On top of that, I added my 2 tool boxes and it was stable. Total weight probably around 50 pounds and the structure intact.

It came to buckle only when I added all the iron weight and I had to push it hard with both hands in a downward push. Buckle, not crack like glass but it buckled only.

I will list the pros and cons if you are not friends with plaster of paris yet.


- Incredibily lightweight.

- Dries into solid form just after mixing with water in less than 5 minutes.

- It is cheap, non toxic and easy to work.


It is not waterproof.

The water issue, I am experimenting with varnish, epoxy, paint and I set two pieces outside in tropical rain for some days to see what happens but I believe it is possible to waterproof.

I want to build a tiny house or shed with plaster of paris.

Thank you.


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    7 years ago

    the plaster will corrode the chicken wire eventually and push it apart crack it and cause rust stains. you can see this type of damage often in old plaster casts sculptures.
    its beter to use fiberglass monofill injection mats wich will giveyou the same or better strenght without the disadvantages.
    further you can use lead oxide or ethyl sillicate to weatherproof your plaster

    magn Ystd
    magn Ystd

    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    "fiberglass monofill injection mats"