Festive Cupcake Holder From a Re-purposed Cereal Box

Introduction: Festive Cupcake Holder From a Re-purposed Cereal Box

this was a last minute idea, last night ...yay for me it worked! never want to show up to a party empty handed, and cupcakes make everyone happy but can be a pain to transport...unless you have an empty cereal box!  this is super simple, cheap, and cute. 
supplies needed:
an empty cereal box
circle to trace (slightly larger than the bottom of a cupcake, slightly smaller that the top of one)
pen/cil for tracing
tape, wrapping paper

Step 1:

step 1- get your hands on an empty cereal (or similar) box

Step 2:

step 2- find a circle to trace.  it needs to be sized so that a cupcake will fit snuggled about halfway.  one cereal box will fit six cupcakes. 

Step 3:

step 3- gently pull apart the box at the seams to flatten it out and make it easier to handle when you cut out the traced circles.  then use tape to put the box back together.

Step 4:

step 4- wrap it like a present, and stab out the six spaces where the holes are.  i wasnt very precise, but my guests didnt seem to mind.

Step 5:

step 5- make 6 super cute cupcakes....strawberries for santa hats and christmas trees!

Step 6:

last step- nestle the cupcakes into the holes, we added some ribbon and a bow to spiff it up and share with your family and friends! merry christmas!

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