Introduction: Festive Flash Light

A flash light made from a 9v and a christmas tree light. I plan to give some as presents :D

Step 1: Materials


9V Battery
Christmas Light (small kind)



Step 2: Attach Light

Take the shorter wire from the Christmas Light and attach it to the positive contact of the 9v battery.

Step 3: "Other Wire"

Form a "U" with the other longer wire.

And tape it as shown in the second picture.

Step 4: Directing the Light (optional)

Building the light dome thing.

1.Use a medicine cup and mold some shiny tinfoil around the bottom to form a cup.

2.Then wrap some tape around the tinfoil while it is still on the medicine cup to strengthen it.

3.Take off the new tinfoil cup thingy and poke a small hole in the bottom.

4.Insert the light into the hole and tape it all together so it looks like the last picture.

(note this step isn't needed it just directs the light more if that's what you want)

Step 5: And Your Done.

To Use it:
Simply push the striped wire sticking up onto the negative contact of the 9v.


Burns out sometimes: Make another?

Doesn't turn on: Try twisting the bulb while holding the contact down. Maybe the wires aren't touching the contact. Un-tape and try again.

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