Fettucine Alfredo Abbreviated.

Introduction: Fettucine Alfredo Abbreviated.

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This is a simple Fettucine Alfredo. Sort of an adult macaroni and cheese. We have already done instructables on making pasta, Chicken can be cooked a zillion ways and I am not going to reinvent the wheel. In this case, I did make the noodles from scratch with the help of a pasta machine. Store bought noodles will not make it less elegant. The chicken breasts (covered with butter and salt) were baked in an oven for about a half hour at 375 degrees Fahrenheit. As RR might say, "How easy is that?". You could fry or poach some boneless chicken and do as well. Baking meat is so darn easy and no frying pans to clean.

Most Italians will use what ever is on hand. and not always what some recipe says The main thing is the same type of ingredients can be used. We will be substituting a bit here also. Lastly, It is an "American" custom to use heavy cream to make alfredo, Not really that big a deal. Besides heavy cream is just too darn expensive and I do not have a cow in the backyard.


Also see: https://www.instructables.com/id/Our-food-instructables/

Step 1: What's Needed:

Cooked and chopped boneless white chicken meat (dark meat has more flavor sometimes.) Europeans allegedly do not eat that much meat.
Cooked Fettucine pasta.
1 cup shredded mozzarella cheese. Normally Parmesan cheese is used, but we are substituting here,
1 stick butter.
You can use a little milk, pasta water, or condensed milk if the sauce seems to thick.
Garlic powder.
Lots of pepper to taste.
Celantro, parsley, or etc to taste.
1/2 cup Parmesan cheese for topping finished product.

Note: some variation of this dish use egg yolk as part of the mixture.

Step 2: Cooking.

Add the cheese and butter in a pan on medium heat.
Stir till well combined.
Add milk or etc if you need to,
Add salt, garlic powder, and pepper,
Mix well.

Add the pasta.
Mix well.

Add the cut up chicken.
Mix well till everything is warmed up.

Take off the heat and add the parsley, Parmesan cheese, or whatever.


Step 3: Cena.

Get out some cool wine (or your favorite beverage) and pour into a glass.
Toss a salad
Sit down and eat your meal.

In our case we are having home made wine.

Step 4: Dolce?

If you wanted to, you could have banana bread and or no bake cookies. Another instructable?

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