Introduction: Few Ghost Hunting Equipments and Why to Use It

In our common lives, we come across several phenomenon. Some of them can be explained by science while some can't. Although we are making a constant progress through researches, we can't really understand the "cause and effect" substitute of several happenings. For example, where do we go after death? What is that tiny element that keeps us alive?

In this connotation, the presence of ghosts is a mystical thing that is hard to explain. Many ghost hunt have been taking place all over the world throughout the times. In this article, I will introduce you with three amazing instrument in order to detect the spirits.

Step 1: Ghost Box

Ghost Box is a device that makes use of infrared lights along with signal frequency modules. It tracks the signal alteration and image map inconsistencies. Generally when there is a cold spot around, it signals towards that and makes you wary of the unknown guest around.

If you are a ghost hunter, this is a must to have device. It is evident that paranormal creatures make use of electronic amplifications to show their presence. Whenever they pass in a range of this machine, it tracks the activity and gives a notification.

Step 2: Night Vision Camera

Many haunted places have a dark appearance. They are filled with creepy phenomenon and weird activities during the night hours. To assist you on a ghost hunt, you should definitely have a night vision camera along with you. It helps you track the heat differences through image mapping. Many horror aficionados know that ghosts leave a thermal imprint as they move. Hence, a night vision camera can be used to detect the cold spots around the area.

Step 3: Digital Voice Recorder

While the above two tools are used to detect the image maps and thermal footprints, a good quality digital voice recorder can pick up ambient noises you generally don't pick up. Later, you can edit the low frequency vocals and catch the whispers around. If you are thinking of going on a ghost hunt, this is a must to have accessory along with you.

When it comes to the accessories to detect supernatural happenings, the list is quite long. A good paranormal kit generally comprise of all the three aforementioned accessories along with an EMF sensor and infrared thermometer. Happy Haunting,