Introduction: Fiat Ducato Race Van to Campervan Conversion

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In this Instructable I will show you my simple campervan conversion from a race van.

Step 1: Clean the Van

Before we start the conversion, it's important to remove first everything inside(seats, matting, etc) and clean the van. Disinfect it if necessary.

Step 2: Measure the Floor and Wall Layout

In this step, we are going to measure the floor and wall layout for the MDF/plywood covering.

We can use carton or insulation foil in tracing the layout and transfer the form to the MDF/plywood before cutting. This MDF/plywood will be the base of our floor.

Step 3: Place the MDF/plywood

Now, we will place the cut MDF/plywood to the floor and walls.

We can use super strong glue and nails/screws in attaching the MDF/plywood.

Step 4: Install LED Downlights

Opps! Do not forget to install lighting on you campervan.

Secure holes for your wires and LED lights.

Step 5: Floor Design

This is optional.

You can make your floor design by placing vinyl/wood tiles on top.

Note: You can skip the areas which are not exposed(e.g under the table/cupboard) to save money... and time!

Step 6: Make a Bed and a Bench

This will depend on you preferences and resources.

You can choose the size and number of your bed and bench depending on your choice and need.

In my case, I chose to build a table that is light but durable and which I can put stuff under it to save more space.

Step 7: Finished!

From race van to simple and spacious campervan.