Introduction: Fiat Punto Upgrade Front Wiper Motor Linkage Repair Replacement Push Rod Rods Set 1999-2006 Instruction Install Guide

Windscreen wipers not working? Just one wiper working? Wiper movement erratic? Wiper link keep popping off?

The poor quality bearings on your vehicles wiper linkage rods wear causing these symptoms. The poor quality plastic bearings on the wiper linkage rods wear and the wiper push rods pop off of their respective ball joint causing the symptoms noted above.

Fiat Punto all models 1999-2006

Associated part numbers:

46834852 MK2 188 51704326 MS159200-7350 60511005

Fit our exclusive high quality replacement push rods and restore your wipers to full health.

Our high quality new rods simply replace the original worn out rods; this is a very simple process, with full instructions included. Save the cost of a complete replacement mechanism that would just fail again. Our rods are fitted with upgraded plastic bearings giving a smoother and more reliable wipe.

Included in our kit are 2X rods fitted with high quality plastic bearings.

Available exclusively from X8R Ltd

Step 1: Remove Linkage From Vehicle

It is tempting to remove the scuttle panel and replace the wiper rods, this in some instances is possible but the job is far easier completed on the bench as access is limited in situe.

Remove wiper arms. Remove plastic bolt covers and remove bolt and washer from both wiper arms. Wiggle wiper arms loose from splines, if difficult apply WD40 or penetrating oil and allow time to work. Take note of which arm fits to which spline for reinstall.

Remove scuttle panel. Remove 3x plastic clips retaining the scuttle and wiggle scuttle out of position.

Locate wiper mechanism and motor. Take note of positions of linkages, replicate positions when reinstalling the linkage mechanism.

Disconnect electrical connector to wiper motor, remove the 3x mounting bolts and remove from vehicle.

Step 2: Remove Push Rods

Remove push rods from ball joints. Often these are already hanging off or are very easy to remove as the bearing is very worn.

To remove you can use a puller as illustrated or can prise the rods off with a screwdriver as shown.

Once linkages are removed it is good practice to clean up the 3x ball joints, checking for any burrs that could damage the new bearings and smooth these out if evident. Grease up the ball joints and all moving parts of the linkage.

Step 3: Fit New Push Rods

The first image shows the order in which the push rods fit and their respective location.

To fit the rod to the respective ball joint you will need to locate the plastic bearing on top of the ball joint, the bearing can then be clamped in to place as illustrated and slid on to ball joint. This can be done with mole grips as illustrated, alternatively with a G Clamp and a socket slightly larger in diameter than the plastic bush. Our preferred method is the G Clamp.

Step 4: Refit to Vehicle

Ensure position of the rods is the same as when mechanism was removed from vehicle and refit to vehicle.

Installation is carried out at installers risk, if unsure please contact us or a professional, X8R Ltd cannot be held responsible for any adverse result of installing this product or any injuries caused by install, if in doubt ask a professional. All images and texts are copyright X8R Ltd 2013.