Introduction: Fiber Optic Heart Rate Monitor

This project creates a visual representation of your heart rate and can be used for monitoring the intensity of your work out or to simply make a great fashion statement.

Fiberoptic wire connected to a programable RGB LED light takes the input from the pulse sensor and creates a colorful translation of that readings. With this project you can literally wear your heart on your sleeve!


Compression sleeveArm Band

Heat shrink

Fiber optic cable (whatever size you'd like)

Hot glue/gunThread and needle


Flora Neo pixel RGB LED

Pulse Sensor

1000um capacitor

5 vol resistor


Step 1: STEP 1 : Programming Your Arduino

Download Pulse code onto arduino and test to run using a bread board

Make sure that you understand how your pulse sensor is working and if you need to allow for changes in your calculations

Program the arduino for the LED along with the Pulse sensor

This is the code I finally got to work. It blinks blue for pulses from 0-50. Green for 50-100 and red from anything above 100.

Step 2: STEP 2 Putting Together the Electronic Components

Once you have tested your connection you may begin to solder. I used a board and some connector to make a removable covering for the arduino. This was the arduino can be removed and used again in other projects.Soldered capacitor to connect with power and ground and then solder power and ground of the pulse sensor to the capacitor. Solder pulse input sensor to 0A port on arduino. Use a resistor between the power pin of the LED and the LED itself.Solder the the LED legs, positive, negative to corresponding legs of the LED.Solder to ground and then the out put to digital 5 pin.

Step 3: STEP 3 Fabricating Your Interface

Compile your strands of fiber optic cable and put the heat shrink around it. Make sure all ends are even and flush to each other

Heat the shrink material to hold the fibers tightly in place

glue the bundle directly to the LEDInsert fiber optics and pulse sensor into the bottom holes of the arm bandInsert Arduino board and battery into arm bandBegin getting creative, making designs or bending the fibers gently and hot gluing light points onto them. to your compression sleeve either using hot glue or thread and needle

watch your heart rate come to life blinking green blue and red

I tried to make an anatomical heart outline out of my fiber optic cables

Putting more points of glue diffuses it more and keeps the Light from fading. I guess that I will do less of that in my future projects for this topic.

Pull the sleeve carefully over your arm and the place the tune belt around your upper arms.