Fidget Spinner

Introduction: Fidget Spinner

In this instructable I will teach you how to make a 3D printed fidget spinner!

Step 1:

Open up Autodesk Inventor Professional 2017

Step 2:

Click on NEW to create a project and select standard(mm) in the metric folder. After you do this press create.

Step 3:

Press on "Start 2D Sketch" and then select the XY plane to start making your fidget spinner.

Step 4:

Use the circle tool to create two circles that are 22.1mm in diameter. Make sure that the circles are directly on top of each other.

Step 5:

Press on the dimension tool and select both dots in the middle of each circle, then make the line 32-35mm.

Step 6:

Create two more circles 37mm in diameter that are in the same spot as your previous circles

Step 7:

Create two vertical lines on each side of the circles

Step 8:

Select the trim tool and trim the inside of each circle.

Step 9:

Select the circular pattern tool and highlight all your work. Select the clicking tool and press on a dot in the middle of one of the circles. A fidget spinner with 6 sides should appear, change it to 3 sides.

Step 10:

Select "finish sketch" on the top right corner

Step 11:

Select the "extrude" tool and extrude your fidget spinner by 7mm.

Step 12:

Select the "fillet" tool and click on all three corners of your fidget spinner. Hold and drag to round out the fidget spinner to your liking.

Step 13:

Select the "fillet" tool again and select the front and back edge, set it to 2mm to round them off

Step 14:

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