Introduction: Fidget Spinner Speed Test

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Hi there! I'm back!

Fidget spinners are so popular right now so I thought I would make something that integrates a fidget spinner with an arduino! This was my Idea from the star, a speed test but I couldn't see any anywhere on instructables so... I WILL BE THE FIRST!

Lets get started!

Step 1: What Will You Need?

I made the list shorter after I updated this project.

This is what you will need!....

That's it!

Step 2: Glue Down Components

You also need some metal wire to hold up the laser

Once you have found some wire glue it to the laser and then glue the wire to the base as shown in the picture above!

When it is set you can glue down the LDR and attach a 220 ohm resistor as a pull up resistor.

As you can see my soldering iron is broken so I just joined the LDR and resistor together by twirling them but I recommend a soldering iron.

Step 3: Connecting Wires Together!

First connect the positive (Red) wire of the laser to the wire of the LDR that has nothing attached then add a jumper cable to it like in the picture. This is your positive wire. Wire it on the arduino to +5V

Next connect the negative(Blue) wire of the laser to the resistor end of the LDR like in the picture. Now attach a jumper cable. This will be your negative wire. Wire it on your arduino to GND

Finally attach a jumper cable to the resistor side of the LDR BUT be careful as it must be above where the resistor starts! this will be your data cable. Wire this on your arduino to A0

Step 4: Finally

Finally upload the code which I have posted and give it a whirl! What you need to do now, is position your fidget spinner so that it sometimes obstructs the laser beam and sometimes doesn't.

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Thank you


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