Introduction: Fidget Toy Hand Spinner

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I saw a fidget toy on youtube somewhere and thought that I could make that. I still had some old skate bearings somewhere so this must be an easy job. The next day people saw it and now I'm almost a fidget toy production plant. I have made three different designs: One with one bearing, one with three bearings and one with four bearings. I like the last one best.

The goal of a fidget toy is to fiddle with it. Just spin it silently instead of clicking a pen or flipping a lighter and irritating your surroundings. Some people even say that fiddling can help you concentrate.

Step 1: You Will Need

  • A 3D printer (with stuff like filament, software and a computer)
  • (old) Skate bearings (1, 3 or 4)

Well, that's all I guess.

Step 2: Print the One Bearing Spinner

Use the STL file to print the parts.

If you want to change something, you can use the 123D-Design file.

Print the parts with at least 80% fill. You need this for the weight.

One of the two knobs is printed inside the hole in the spinner.

Step 3: Put the Spinner Together

Push the (old) skate bearing in the hole in the spinner. You might want to use a new bearing, because the old bearings aren't replaced on your skates for nothing.

Push a knob on both sides of the bearing.

If the bearing won't go in the hole and/or the knobs won't go on, it might help to use a vise, hamer or shoe (or whatever)

Step 4: Start Fiddling

Hold the bearing knobs between two fingers and use a third finger to spin the fidget toy.

Step 5: The Three Bearing Spinner

Use this STL to print the three bearing spinner. Both knobs are printed in the bearing holes.

Push three bearings in the printed spinner and push the knobs on the middle bearing.

Through the extra weight of the two extra bearings, this spinner spins better than the one bearing spinner.

Step 6: The Four Bearing Spinner

Use this STL for the four bearing spinner.

Again the knobs are printed in the holes for the bearings.

This spinner works best, but is a little big to put in your pocket. Still I love this one the most.