Introduction: The New Sport: Field Polo

Field polo is a game derived from the original polo game played on horseback. It has similarities to that of football, basketball, and soccer. Parodies of the game have been played under different names in the P.E system and church based leagues. There are different ways to play the game ( we will go over most of them).

Step 1: The Basics

There are two teams (consisting of anywhere from 4-6 players per team) on the field or court. The game is played with a ball similar to the one shown. There is a goal on either side of the field. The goal is to throw the ball past the goalie (known as the keeper) into the goal and score more points than the other team.

Step 2: Ways to Play: Original

Original: players have a tipoff to start the game to determine possession. players can throw the ball forward or backwards but cannot move past two steps after receiving the ball. The defense can move freely to intercept the ball. When a player does not actively have the ball. They can move freely

Step 3: Ways to Play: Flag

This is similar to the original but is played almost like tag. You can only pull the opponents flag past midfield and if they possess the ball at the time that their flag is pulled the possession switches to the other team. This can be played with less players on the field

Step 4: Places to Play

Field polo can be played almost anywhere and is not confined to a field, all you need is two goals and a ball. You can choose to play out of bounds change possession or you can choose to play arena type polo where nothing is out of bounds. This is a perfect game for anywhere

Step 5: Start Playing Today

It's shortly becoming more and more popular and has taken off in neighborhoods around the United States and Europe. Start a game or your own league and have fun with it! Learn about the international field polo association (IFPA) and licensing. Start something special in your community.