Fifteen Minute Paella

Introduction: Fifteen Minute Paella

About: A Northern Ireland based maker with a propensity to cause trouble and freshly constructed family.

This isn't exactly traditional and most of the stuff was in the grey zone between past sell by date and mouldy, so I made a food that would encompass the ingredients going to waste.�

It turned out delicious and was also the first time I'd made use of a wok, you don't have to use a wok but the frying pan we have is very little.�

� Sorry about the photos, the kitchen was insanely steamy,�

I'm just calling this paella, pronounced pah-yay-ah apparently, it's kind of similar-ish

Step 1: You'll Need.

 - Onions
 - Bell peppers
 - Sweet chilli peppers
 - Passata
 - Rice (gotta love uncle ben's tomato and basil)
 - Chili sauce, I used Blairs
 - BBQ Sauce (I kept grabbing HP or budweiser depending on where I was standing)
 - Tomatoes 
 - Chicken
 - Ham

Feel free to make it with anything, you could do it with fish or other stuff if you wanted.

Step 2: Onions

Chuck some oil in the pan. Turn the hob up to full blast. 

Throw chopped onions in and fry

Step 3: Tomatoes

Throw in tomatoes, I quartered these little ones, bigger ones may need more chopping up. 

Step 4: Peppers

Chopped up some red bell pepper, Yellow would actually be nicer I think but that was before I chucked in the sweet red...

Step 5: Chicken

Throw in chunks of kind of out of date sandwich chicken, otherwise revise cooking process to start with chicken then add other ingredients.

Step 6: Ham

In goes the ham, I just ripped it up with my hands.

Step 7: Sweet Peppers

Chopped about half a sweet pepper and hurled it in

Step 8: Passata Sauce

Chuck in passata sauce stirring and adding slowly, add bbq, chili or any sauces or spices you may like, chopped tomatoes would work here with some stuff for flavour. 

Stew this up a bit to get the flavours all mixed in. 

Step 9: Rice

Oh uncle Ben, your tomato and basil... 

I see no reason to buy rice for more money that hasn't cooked itself. 

Step 10: Serve...

Umm serve this surprisingly large and cheap dish...

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    OH GOD!
    Why you call this paella?!
    My valencian heart is going to break up!

    NOTE: Paella is a valencian(a region from Spain) recipe...


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    I know where it's from though I'm still dubious as to what we get here being at all correct, more so now, that being a reasonable, if incredibly lazy facsimile of it... I will go at some point and test that theory.


    11 years ago on Introduction

    I love using the wok, my family always does stir fries in it.


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    It's so much fun having a wok, you can play all chef and swing the food around in it, plus there's no danger of overloading one that size... Frying pans get a lot of spillover.


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    Yeah, so true. I bought mum a Circulon frying pan, this over priced little non-stick thing. It's the best single thing that I've bought for our kitchen, it's a little small but what ever you want to fry you can do it. Buut.... There's these two rivets holding it to the handle, which aren't non-stick, and are such a pain to clean I do not even. :D


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    Ahh that's a nuisance, we do have a giant tefal non stick that's pretty perfect, there's nothing but on the inside.