Introduction: Figure 4 Freefall Animal Trap

Figure 4 Freefall Animal Trap
This entry will cover how to make an animal trap in a survival situation. On average 1 out of every 15 good traps will get you a small animal. Good luck surviving!

Needed Materials
1. Pocket knife
2. 2 pieces of wood the length of your forearm, diameter of wood should be about the size of your thumb
3. 1 piece of wood the length and a half of your forearm, diameter of wood should be about the size of your thumb
4. Long heavy rock or log

Note: Wood will be easier to cut if gathered from a live tree and not dry.

Step 1: The Main-Stick

On one of the forearm length sticks carve the top to an inch long square point, and carve 2 sides of the bottom half of the stick into a square.

Step 2: The Rocking-Stick

On the other forearm length stick  carve one end into a square point and at least 2 inches from the other end carve a notch that fits the square point of the main-stick.

Note: It is important that the when the square point of the main-stick fits into the notch that the rocking-stick is able to rock a little back and forth.

Step 3: The Horizontal-Stick

On your longest stick cut a square notch that fits snugly with the square point on the rocking-stick 2/3 of the way down the stick and then a square shaped hook/notch, 5-6 inches from the first notch, that will hook onto the squared portion of the main-stick

Step 4: The 4

Place the main-stick standing up with the rocking-stick on top of it, then fit the rocking-stick square point into the notch on the horizontal stick and hook the square notch onto the base of the main-stick.

Note: When pressure is applied from above all notches should be secure and self-sustained.

Step 5: The Trap

Lay the rock or log on top of the trap.

Note: It's recommended that you place bait on the part of the horizontal stick that is under the rock or log. When an animal bumps the stick under the log the whole trap should fall apart and the poor little guy will get crushed.