Introduction: Figure Eight Knot

The following are steps that will instruct on how to tie a proper figure eight knot. The figure eight knot is designed to increase friction in the knot in order to severely reduce the amount of slippage in the knot. This is a basic, but essential knot that every aspiring climber should know.

*I do not take responsibility for any injuries that occur while climbing. Climbing should be done after receiving hands-on instruction from those who are experienced in climbing, and while being chaperoned by experienced climbers.

Step 1: Make the "Alien Head"

Find an end of the climbing rope and make a small loop (alien head) in the rope. Ensure that the loop isn't too close to the end, maybe about a foot and a half from the end. Take the end of the rope and lay it on top of the loop.

Step 2: Poke the "Alien" in the Eye

Grab the end of the rope that is laid on top of the loop and wrap it around the bottom of the loop in order to make a loop around the original loop. Then take the end of the rope and poke it through the original "alien head" loop.

Step 3: The First 8

Pull the end of the rope tightly until an 8 shape is made. If the 8 shape isn't apparent, repeat the first three steps again.

Step 4: Loop the Rope Through Rope Loops on Harness

Most harnesses will have two dark loops on the front of the harness that you should loop the rope, starting with the bottom loop, through both. Pull the rope end all the way through in order to put the 8 near the harness.

Step 5: Follow the First 8

The rope that is poking out of the top of the harness should follow the section of rope that is coming out of the 8. Insert it in that part of the 8 and then follow that section of rope all the way around the outside of the 8 and then back inside the 8. The rope will then wrap around the outside of the 8 until it is able to follow the last bit of the original 8 all the way outside of the knot.

Step 6: The Figure 8

Pull the end tight and your know should look like a double 8, and you are ready to climb!

Step 7: Extra Rope in the Way at the End?

Is there is extra rope that you are worried about it getting in the way of your feet while you climb? You can tie a simple overhand knot in order to get the extra rope out of the way. This is a simple loop around the long end and then you poke the short end through the loop that you just created. This will ensure your excess rope is out of your way.