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Before this, my desk was messy ... er... well... not that messy but crowded, unorganized, less organized or I don't know which term was best describing it. Here it is :

At least they were organized in a box and cups. Those are frequently used items I keep within my reach. Then I just finished my first roll of filament and I was kind of boring with rectangle and likely switching to round empty filament spool.

Ideas on the net are all about turning empty filament spools into containers or drawers and I need a fresher idea. I was thinking to keep all the frequently used items on that spool (or as many as possible). Then I started designing and printing these Add-ons the whole day. Yes, in a day. Emmm... 9 hours actually, the whole day I spent in the office. Well, don't try this at work or you will be fired. Me, I am an assistant to my father and I still did my work in between printing time ^_^


  • Empty Filament Spool
  • 3D printer
  • Some PLA filament

Step 1: Magnetic Holder

Additional supply you need is a strong thin Neodymium magnet which you can buy online. This Add-on is design to hold 2 mm (thickness) magnet with the maximum size of 25 mm by 50 mm or you can get one from your old broken harddisk drive just like what I used.

This one needs to be printed with support and need some effort removing the support. You can remove the support by using thin metal tweezers. After that, slide the magnet in one of the space, top or bottom. Neodymium magnet is strong enough to hold things either on top or bottom of it.

As you can see, I put paperclips on top and my notepad (some waste paper with binder clip to take notes) is sticking at the bottom.

Step 2: Stappler Hanger

Well, please do not comment on my rusty stappler >.<

Yes I am working in a warehouse with little to no visitors so "the look" doesn't matter as long as it is working good ^_^

Almost the same with Magnetic Holder, this one is printed with support, then you remove it carefully. Now I can hang my stappler the way I hung it on the box before. It made it wider because I was thinking of hanging my Notepad (see previous step) there but now my Notepad sticks on Magnetic Holder, let's see what can be hung there in the future.

Step 3: Separator

The whole spool is 360 degrees where we can put small items like coins, paperclips, eraser, push pins, even screws, bolts and nuts or whatever you need most on your working desk and easy to reach. A better way is making partitions -- separate different items -- so you can grab the right item at a glance.

This separator creates a 90 degrees space, so you need only two to separate the whole spool into 4 sections. Why do I need that two antennae? They fit my 62 mm spool and I hope the spool sizes are generally the same. If they are not, then you need to resize from your 3D printing slicer app. These antennae are designed to fit the height of your spool so that the separator is not moved easily by finger nudge. But you can still adjust the positions of your separators because they are not glued.

Step 4: Tape Dispenser

This is the most complex in the system, but then I can get rid of the bulky tape dispenser from my desk. I tried to make "the blade" but I failed. It was promising by the shape, but it is not sharp enough to cut the adhesive tape. Resolution of my printer is not fine enough? Maybe. But I have a solution to that.

You can use the blade of your tape dispenser. Or... you can use a worn-out saw blade just like me. Find some good teeth on it, mostly near the end of the blade. File teeth-side thinner for better cutting experience. Carefully break the blade about 25 mm long by using tongs (use goggles for safety precaution). Slide in the slot as seen on the photos above. It was desinged perfectly for 12 mm wide saw-blade, so you might need some adjustment if you use other than that kind of blade to fit in the slot.

The vertical bar (SpoolTapeSupport.stl and SpoolTapeSupportHook.stl) also function as support, prevent bending when you put something heavy on top of the spool. My CCTREE (brand) filament spool has two oval holes separated by 20 mm at both sides, top and bottom -- designed to hold filament's end -- and my support bars were designed with little domes on top and bottom and they stand right at those holes. If only your spool doesn't have that kind of holes, you can drill 3 mm holes on it to hold the support bars.

Why different support bars? So that you can change your empty adhesive tape with a new one. See photo #2. You won't find a better experience with this tape dispenser system if you use it frequently, but some space on your desk is freed.

Rotate those items carefully and you do not need any support printing them. Okay, I give hints then.

Step 5: Mini Hook Hanger

Rubber band is not crucial in the office but it is needed to band some bills. We are selling things. We are receiving cash payment. Yes we need rubber band for bills.

The hook is printed with no support with its side on the bed.

Step 6: Card Holder

Sometimes I get business card which I need the whole week. Unfinish business. On-negotiation projects. Although numbers are saved in my phone, the standing card served as a reminder to call that person/company. Paper notes are also welcome. If it is too thin, fold it.

This one also printed with no support with its side on the bed.

Step 7: Support Bar

Well we already have support bars on our tape dispenser system but that is only one side of the spool. What about the other side? Or any place you find the spool is bending because of heavy items on it? Then this support bar is the answer. Drill 3 mm holes to hold it in place if necessary.

Step 8: Finally ...

Pens, pencils, markers, cutter, scissors, spoons, all can be seated in the center of the spool.

These are add-ons I need. If you have more ideas, share it with us on the comment section. Maybe I can design what you wish. Simple ones of course for I am a newbie in 3D objects ^_^

Maybe I can add your designs in additional steps here instead of hiding in comment section. Or maybe you can write your new Instructables with a brighter ideas ;)

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