File Format (Keynote Into a PDF)

Introduction: File Format (Keynote Into a PDF)

Do you have s teacher, who doesn't have a Mac and you need give them a PowerPoint? This tutorial will help you learn how to print a Keynote file.

Step 1: Keynote

First go to Keynote and click on your PowerPoint.

Step 2: Share

Now click the box with an arrow. The arrow box is 'Share'.

Step 3: Send a Copy

Now click 'Send a Copy', which is also and arrow and a box.

Step 4: PDF

Okay, you're almost there! Next, click PDF.

Step 5: Print

Finally, click the printer symbol and print.

Step 6: Sharing a Presentation With Others

If just want to share it with others you could AirDrop it. First, go back to share.

Step 7: Send a Copy

Click 'Send a Copy' again.

Step 8: PDF Again

Click 'PDF' again.

Step 9: AirDrop It

Now their AirDrop profile picture will pop and just click their AirDrop and wait for them to accept.

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    3 years ago

    I found another way to get Keynote in PDF format with Mac Keynote:

    1. Open your files on keynote

    2. Choose “File” >“Export To” on the drop-down menu. Next, you need to choose “File Format” as PDF.

    3. Next, choose an image quality.

    I just accidentally found this tutorial on StumbleUpon