Introduction: Files for Dummies

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Many people are very stubborn about there skills. And when it comes to technology, people are not always kind. So thus the Files for Dummies was created. In this instructable I will be showing you how to create a folder and edit it in several cool ways. For this instructable all you need is a computer. I would reccomend this for people who want to prank people, or just want a livlier screen. And there is no problem if your just a little behind in the tech world.

Step 1: PCS!

As the more techy of us know, pcs are more flexible and can download a more variety a software opposed to mac. So sorry MACS! Your first step is to create a new folder. To do this you need to right click your desktop, click on the "new" button and select folder underneath it. After that you can rename the folder however you want.

Step 2: To the Editor!

Next, right click your folder and all the way at the bottom of the selection, click the properties button.

Step 3: Inside the Properties (general)

Inside the properties section you will see a vast number of ways you can spice up you folders.

General: In general it gives you all the basic info, how large your file is, what type of folder it is, how much space it takes up and what it contains. But if you want to take a deeper look, press the advanced button. (All the way at the bottom). Now you have the options of encrypting your data (security purposes) and making it into a zip file to save space. This is a quite useful thing to do when sending big files via email.

Step 4: Sharing

I have had the problem of downloading a file on one log in and not been able to access it from another. This is where sharing comes in handy. Sharing allows you to share your files (specific) with certain logins at certain times. While the regular sharing settings is just limited to who you can share your file with, advanced settings allows you too not only share it with specific people, it allows you to limit how many people can access that file at once.

Step 5: Security

Basically, the security tab is rights to whether the login, or logins can access the file, (administrator rights). It tells you whether you can have specific privileges and such. Not quite useful to everyone unless your a parent. Then its different. Administrators are the only ones that can edit and change rights.

Step 6: Previous Versions

Every techys best friend. Not many use this allot, but i have come to love it! This allows you to view all the previous versions of the folders. You can view all the different files and everything. Its quite useful. I found a bunch of my songs :). You can scroll down to see every single file created under its name. Also, to access the file you have to restore it. Unless it has been totally deleted. Then there is no getting it back.

Step 7: Customize

Customize allows you to do a variety of things. One of them being able to choose what kind of folder you want it to be. You have the options of choosing it to be a music folder,document,picture or many other things. Then you can also have the option of adding the same template to sub folders. Another interesting thing is the " Folder pictures " section. If you still haven't changed the icon yet, and you still have the folder, you can choose a picture or file image to be shown inside the folder on your desktop or wherever it is located. Its a really cool way to trick someone. Last but not least is the folder icons section of the customize tab. This allows you to change the whole icon from a folder to a different picture. Windows has a wide variety of pictures. I will be making another instructables getting deeper into that topic. And that's it for this instructable! Have fun folder-constructing. 

Step 8: Sorry...

Sorry about the grainy graphics. Ill try to improve them. Also, if you have any suggestions,tips, or comments, please contact me! Next ill be doing icons. Till next time, Bye!