Filled Zucchini Halves on a Mediterran Tomato-wheat Bed

Introduction: Filled Zucchini Halves on a Mediterran Tomato-wheat Bed

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Finally here it is: my first Instructable!
I hope you like it, please share your opinion in the comments!

I came up with this awesome and easy meal as I wanted to make stuffed zucchinis
and combine them with a new product I found:

Here in Germany it is known as "Ebly".
Basically its pre-cooked wheat grains and you can use it as side dish like rice
or make something else out of it.
If Ebly isn't available in your region, try something else (maybe quinoa?) and tell me about it in the comments!

Having bought it for the first time, I decided to cook it first to find out what to do with it...
Well, on its own it doesn't taste like much, so I decided to put it into the tomato sauce.

Here's a list of the ingredients I used (it turned out to be enough for 6 persons):

- 250 - 350g Ebly (pre-cooked wheat)
- 3 400g cans of pulpy tomatoes (i used those with herbs)
- 1kg zucchinis (try buying smaller ones, I think they taste better and are less watery)
- 600g ground meat (beef and pork mixed)
- a handful olives (green and/or black ones)
- some peppers
- onions
- cheese for topping (I used Gouda)

Step 1: Chopping, Slicing and Spooning the Guts Out

- cut the olives and peppers into little rings
- chop the onions
- cut the zucchinis in half and use a spoon to get their "guts" out, so they have a groove for the meat to go in

Step 2: Spicing the Meat and Stuffing the Zucchinis

use your usual spices to season the ground meat
(mine are: salt, pepper, paprika powder, worchestershire sauce and mediterranean herbs)
I also put some of the zucchini guts into the meat to make it a little more fluffy.
I divided the meat with a scraper to have a fairly equal amount of meat for every zucchini halve.
(I hate it when there is one thing to stuff or a tiny lump of meat left over...)

Step 3: Making the Sauce

mix all the ingredients with the cooked Ebly and the tomato sauce and season to taste

Step 4: Putting It Together and Baking

pour the sauce into the casserole, lay the filled zucchinis ontop and cover with cheese

bake in the oven at 180�C for about 30...35mins (estimated, I always bake until the cheese turns goden brown, by then the meat is done)

Step 5: Enjoy Your Meal!

In German: Guten Appetit!

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did and please tell me how you liked it and what you did differently!

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    It Looks Like Something Like What I Threw Up Last Week

    But I Made It And It Is Delicious!


    13 years ago on Step 2

    I like the meat dividing idea, that's really clever! Wouldn't have thought of that. How handy!