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Introduction: Film in the Past

About: Hi, I'm Johan Link

My project is a camera controlled by a raspberry pi that is attached to a hat. This camera is constantly on, it films everything, but records only the last 7 seconds of videos. Let's take an example, imagine you are walking in the street and you see a meteorite in the sky, obviously you don't have time to take your phone to film it, fortunatly after the passage of the meteorite, you just have to press a button on the hat and the camera will record the last 7 seconds. Then you can download the video from an application on your phone.

With a normal camera you press the button before something happens, but with this camera it's the opposite !

The website of this project

Thanks to offer electronic components for my projects

Step 1: Hardware

  1. Raspberry Pi 3 B
  2. A USB camera, model : ELP-USBFHD01M
  3. A push button
  4. An external battery (5000mAh)

Step 2: 3d Printed Parts

Step 3: Assembly

The camera is plugged into any port of raspberry.

Step 4: Setting Up Your Raspberry Pi As an Access Point

I recommend this tutorial :

You don't need to do the part "Using the Raspberry Pi as an access point to share an internet connection (bridge)"

Step 5: ​Enable SSH

  1. Launch Raspberry Pi Configuration from the Preferences menu.
  2. Navigate to the Interfaces tab.
  3. Select Enabled next to SSH.
  4. Click OK.

Step 6: Software

The program is written in Python, it is pretty short but you must first install all the necessary libraries.

Download the code here.

Follow this tutorial to run the program at startup.

Step 7: How It Works ?

When you connect the battery to the Raspberry pi you have to wait a few minutes to be sure that the raspberry has started well. Then every time you press the button the camera will record the last 7 seconds of videos.

On your phone you can download the FTPManager application and connect to the wifi of your Raspberry Pi. In the application you can access all the files of the Raspberry with its IP address. Browse the files to find the videos you just recorded

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    2 years ago

    It is a great project but it possible increase the timing of recording.


    3 years ago

    Very interesting Johan. Would a pi Zero W handle this?

    Johan Link
    Johan Link

    Reply 3 years ago

    Yes it should work with a pi zero. It would be even better !


    3 years ago

    This is a great concept!

    Johan Link
    Johan Link

    Reply 3 years ago