Introduction: Filming a Plant Time Lapse (Radish Microgreens)

Hey, this is Ben again and I code your venture free.

Recently, I have filmed a time-lapse video for my radish microgreens. I just wanna share how I film it on Instructables.

Here's the video that I made :

Step 1: Setup the Photo Studio Lightbox

Here is the equipment to film the time-lapse video :

1. A Photo Studio Lightbox - 40cm * 40cm * 40cm ( I purchased it from a China website)

2. Two iPhone SE ( The best time-lapse equipment with a reasonable budget)

3. Art paper in black color, use as the backdrop of the lightbox

Step 2: Container Preparation

Same as my previous instructable, just prepare for office farming :

Sanitize all the containers to grow the microgreens with medical alcohol. Follow the instruction of the label on the chemical bottle. This time, I would also like to film the root development of my plant, so I use a transparent acrylic container.

Step 3: Growing Medium Preparation, Seedling and Watering

Pour organic soil into a plastic container and fill it up halfway. Microgreens don’t require a lot of nutrients to grow, therefore compost soil is not necessary.

Spread the seed densely over the top of the soil. Don’t worry about the density since we are growing microgreen, not a mature vegetable.

Pour water into an empty container. Check the pH value of the water. The best pH value for microgreens to germinate is between 6 - 6.5.
Usually, tap water in the city is a little bit alkaline. You may correct the pH value with a little bit of lemon juice. Pour water into a spray bottle. Use a spray bottle to water the soil evenly.

Step 4: Be Patient and Wait for It Grow

Some of the screenshots from Day1 - . Thank Mother Nature for all the beauty in the world.