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Introduction: Filofax Wallet DIY

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I want you to show how to make simple fabric Wallet for your favorite Filofax. PS you could use this tutorial also for pencil case if you need that more.

Step 1:

For star you need your super nice and fun planner. Take off one of the page so you will see where you need to make “holes” for your wallet.

Step 2:

- Page from your planner
- two scraps of fabric a little bit bigger then your page
- zipper
- string

Step 3:

Zig zag the edge of the fabric where you will sew the zipper on. And sew it on. (Tip: use zipper foot, or move needle position, for easy sewing).

Step 4:

Finger press the fabric and make topstitch close to the edge.

Step 5:

Move the zipper slider and sew back and fort a few times. Then cut the rest of the zipper off. Don’t on a metal part of the zipper.

Step 6:

With your page help mark where you need to make small loops or “holes” for your planer.

Step 7:

Sew the sting on the edge. Where the string is a loop (on your mark), sew it a few times back and forth, and when you finish the loop, sew it with zig zag stitch to the next loop. Repeat for all loops that you need.

Step 8:

Open the zipper and fold the fabric right side to right side. Then Make a stitch 5 mm from the edge and if you didn’t make zig zag stitch all edges before, do it now.

Step 9:

Turn the fabric over and you are done. Yey.

Step 10:

Place it in your Planner or Filofax and ask your friend if he or she need it too. It is really simple project.
If you like this DIY please stay tuned on Tutorial Girl Blog or Bludor Magazine, and you will get it more. Also an idea for you. Maybe you could make this see through version from an table cloth, or if you have bigger planner use this for a pencil case, or stickers…

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    This would definitely work for making pencil-and-stuff cases for students' 3-ring binders, too... Something to consider with school starting again in a month!


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    ...and you can make them much nicer than the cheap, crappy plastic binder-pockets available in most school-supply and office-supply stores...
    For larger notebooks, you could include more pockets, or stitch a length of elastic across the front so it forms loops for pens... You could also customize a child's notebook-wallet with embroidery or fabric paint, or better yet, help the child decorate his/her own before you sew the fabric together. Endless possibilities!


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Very nice! I love your idea for making the loops/holes for attaching to a ring binder!