Introduction: Filter Your Vodka- ROTT GUTT Into Grey Goose in 24 Hrs.

Filter your Vodka- ROTT GUTT to Grey Goose in 24 hrs.

Materials/ Tools

1 -750mL cheap $8.99  80 proof vodka store brand/ rott gutt/ you name it -works perfect.

1 - 23oz generic activated carbon granules (this can be used many times over) $9.99 from petco (powder takes too long to filter, so i suggest the size of LEDs

1-4 sealable glass container (canning mason jars/ pickle jars) to soak the vodka and activated carbon

1 Large funnel(new oil filter worked fine) $.99 from auto section of grocery store

1 package of paper coffee filters $2.99 (You'll only need 12 or so) my pack came with 100 pcs (woo hoo)

Space in your freezer to hold the jars

1 auxiliary receptacle for filtering

Step 1- Fill your jar 1/4 the way with the activated carbon (keep in mind water filtration uses food grade carbon, Aquariums use Laboratory grade (even better)

Step 2- Fill jar remaining with vodka, seal with screw cap / shake well and place in freezer for 24-48 hours

Step 3- Set up catching receptacle and funnel and place 3-4 paper filters in the funnel.

Step 4- Shake the Jars well again to loosen up the carbon. Pour the cold vodka into the filter and wait till the funnel is empty, repeat as necessary to empty the jar.

Step 5- pour contents into auxiliary container and repeat process 3 and 4 4-5 times until the vodka is clear like when it started in process 1.

Step 6- This is the most vital and important part of the whole process.  Obtain a empty bottle of Grey Goose, and pour the finished product into using funnel.  Be very careful; as you are now pouring $100 vodka.

Note:  since the vodka has now been filtered 10X better than any mass produced product out there; you will notice a few changes.

1.  NO bitter rott gutt- you can actually taste the difference/ try a taste test comparison (that’s right! do a couple of shots- filtered first- or my favorite blind taste test)
2. NO Hangovers - unlike anything out there, this has been filtered perfectly.  It does what the body does naturally therefore your body doesn’t have to work as hard as it would say” drinking the rott gutt"
3. No Liver pain - Since your liver isn’t working so hard, it CAN actually process the vodka efficiently.  (Go figure); thus the next morning your liver hasn't run a triathlon while you were passed out.
4. NO blurred vision loss of balance- Since you ARE able to process this, you will have an excellent buzz, drink all night, and not feel all wasted/ falling down/ and POS drunk guy hugging on a bottle.  Wear a suit at the parties and impress the ladies! Oh yea.
5. Speaking of ladies, they love flavored vodka.  I produce flavors for vodka that are equal to or better that store bought flavors.  No additives.  Very high concentration (just a couple drops with sparkling water).  Thus since you don’t have cruddy vodka to over-power, you add very little flavor and please do your body a favor and use organic cane sugar to sweeten.  Not that much though/ since you don’t have to overpower the thrust of poo-poo vodka.
6 Speaking of sparkling water/ soda.  NEVER use store bought.  It’s full of toxins and preservatives OK? by the Govt. FDA.  Invest in a CO2 unit or sparkle machine and use your filtered water and carbonate your own water.  Once again PURE is the WORD!

7.  Be responsible.  Know your limit, when you've had enough- call it a night, get some rest and start again another day.  Never Drink and Drive!  REMEMBER this is still 80 proof vodka (try the flame test- If its 80 proof it will light up with a match), and legally your drunk just after a couple of these babies.  So remember to have a designated driver and live happy.  Live Healthy, Enjoy life, you only live once!

8.  The FDA regulates what is sold,  Drink Smart! FDA allows for toxins and crud to be left in the vodka you drink; Microbial crud not viewable to the eye.  The Alcohol Industry doesn’t want you to know this information because it wants you slow, intoxicated, and spending money on crap. Keep that in mind the next time you buy a bottle of $100 vodka.  I bought mine for $8.99 at CVS.($7.99 on sale woo hoo)

9. Most likely I cannot advertise my products I sell to consumers on this page; and for the most part I’m not interested in sales. I want to change the way that people drink, Healthy and Smart.   Spead the word, change the world; ONE SHOT AT A TIME! With My Vodka Factory.

Never done an instructable before.  Hope this is understandable. Questions and comments are welcome! Anytime