Introduction: Filters, Fisheye Lens, and More

This instructable will teach you the purpose of "Filters, Fisheye Lenses, and More". It includes:

1.) A UV Filter [ultraviolet]

2.) A CPL [Circular Polarizer Filter]

3.) FLD [Florescent] Filter

4.) Fisheye Lens

5.) Macro Lens

6.) Tulip Lens Hood

Step 1: Lens Filters

The first filter that we will be looking at is a UV [ultraviolet] filter. This is the first picture. The main purpose of this filter is to protect your main camera lens from scratches/fingerprints/etc. and remove/absorb--you guessed it--ultraviolet rays. The CPL [Circular Polarizer Filter] Increases the color saturation for darker blue skies and takes the glare/reflectivness off of glassy surfaces. See Pictures. Then there is the FLD [Florescent] Filter. It looks like it would just make the picture purple, but it allows for taking good pictures under florescent lighting. Purple through purple is white.

Step 2: Fisheye and Macro

Fisheye lenses (I just have an extension that screws on the front of my camera.) allow for wide shots and a bulge in close-ups. See Pics. Macro lenses make things...more...MACRO! See Pics again. To focus a macro lens extension, set the focus on your camera to "manual" and move the camera closer or farther from the object you are photographing.

Step 3: Last But Not Least...Tulip Lens Hood

Lens hoods block out excess light, taking glare off of some pictures. This brings us to the end. Thank you for reading! I hope this helped you.

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