Introduction: Fimo Guinea Pig

Hi everyone, this is my first instructable :D

You can make them all sorts of colours and sizes, you could even put patches of different colours on them!

Me and my sister made them for a game we are making as the counters, they were fun and easy to make once you had the body shape right :D

Step 1: Gathering Equiptment.

You will need
    : Fimo (or some other type of polymer like clay!)
    : A pencil
    : A tool to make whiskers (I used one from a Fimo tool set I have)
    : An oven!!

Step 2: Preparing the Fimo.

Pic1) Break a piece of Fimo off just a little larger than you want the body to be.
Pic2) Roll it between your hands till it is smooth, warm and not crumbley.
Pic3) Break off a little bit of the rolled clay for the legs and ears.

Step 3: Modeling the Body.

Pic1) Roll the larger piece of Fimo out into a square egg like shape.
Pic2) Squeeze and shape one end gently to make the nose(this is the hardest part!)

Step 4: Ears and Feet.

Pic1) Roll out two tiny balls and flatten them gently for the ears.
Pic2) Gently but firmly push the ears onto the body just where the shaped bit meets the unshaped bit.
Pic3) Roll out four equally sized balls for the feet.
Pic4) Place the four balls in a square-ish shape on the board that the body will fit on top of, put the body lightly on top.
Pic5) Press gently on the body to push the feet into it.

Step 5: Facial Features.

Pic1) Use the pencil to poke three holes in the face as eyes and a nose :D Now its alive :D
Pic2+3) Use the tooly thingy to make whiskers!

Step 6: Baking Them!

Put the finished GPs on a tray and put them in an oven preheated to 130°C (250°F, Gas mark 1/2) for 30 mins.
Leave them to cool for a few mins after they come out before touching them.
(These cooking instructions are for Fimo, you will have to look at the packet for other types of clay!)