Introduction: Find North With a Stick and the Sun

This is a quick and easy way to create a stationary compass in 10 minutes. All you need is the sun two rocks and a stick. It's a pretty simple process but I have discovered some tips that make it easier to find the top of shadows. This could be useful if you don't have a compass in a survival situation. You might even try it just for the fun of doing it too. You need a stick about two or three feet long that is fairly straight. Two stones. And the sun shining.

Step 1: Set Up

In this step you need to take the stick and stick it into the ground straight up and down with about two to three feet above ground. Sometimes you may have to go to other places if the stick won't go in due to rocks. It could also be difficult if the ground is dry. It helps to twist the stick into the ground.

Step 2: Place the First Stone

To place the first stone all you have to do is find the tip of the shadow of the stick. This is good to be accurate with. An easy way to find the tip if grass is distorting the shadow is to move your hand in the general area of the tip of the shadow and move your hand until you see the tip on your palm. Then lower your hand as close to the ground as possible and sit the stone on the tip on your hand lift the stone straight up just enough to slip your hand out and sit the stone down where it was lined up to the ground from your hand. Remember this is stone 1 this will end up west.

Step 3: Wait

Wait at least 10 minutes longer waiting results in larger size of the compass. During this time you are allowing the sun to move enough to notice a shadow difference. Here is a 10 minute timer:

Step 4: The Second Stone

To place the second stone use the same technique as last time just mark the new shadow tip. Don't get the stones mixed up, remember which is 1 and 2. This will be east.

Step 5: How to Read the Compass and Find North

Now you can mark the two stones east and west. The first is west the second is east. Then draw a line with a stick in between the two stones find the line that points east and west. Then remember "Never Eat Soggy Waffles" this is the order of the cardinal directions clockwise. You then place north and south perpendicularly to the east west line based on this. You now have a compass.

Step 6: Get Out

If you're lost in the wilderness without a compass. Now you have one, get unlost!

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