Introduction: Find Your Grades on Bellarmine's Moodle

It’s easy to know your grades if your professor hands your paper back with comments and notes written all over. But with the new online platforms most universities are using, it can get complicated. Here is one way to find your grades if you happen to be a student at a university that uses Moodle, a learning management system (LMS) common among many universities.

Step 1: Find Bellarmine University

Go to

Step 2: Find One Bellarmine

Click "One BU"

Step 3: One Login

Click "One Login" upper right-hand corner.

Step 4: Log In!

Use your Bellarmine email and password to access One Bellarmine

Step 5: One Bellarmine Dashboard

Congratulations! You have arrived at your One Bellarmine Dashboard housing lots of Bellarmine goodies. In the upper right-hand corner, locate "Click Here to ACCESS Your Moodle Homepage". Click on that.

Step 6: Moodle

On the Moodle course page, you will see a listing of your current courses and perhaps even past courses. Scroll through until you find your course and click on the title.

Step 7: Grades

The most recent content tops the page. This course displays Week 3 and 4’s content. Under the Administration tab on the right, click GRADES to access your latest User Report.

Step 8: User Report

Your grades will appear in a grid, with or without feedback from your professor. In the sample shown here, numerical grades appear on the left, but no anecdotal feedback on the right.

Step 9: Personal Feedback

To review personalized feedback from your professor:

1. Return to the main course page.

2. Scroll through and click where you sumitted a past assignment.

3. If it has been graded, once you click on it, it should open up and provide both grade and professor feedback.

Step 10: Review Feedback

Click on the assignment for which you wish to check feedback. In this example, once we click on the assignment Reading 2, you will see the following screen showing a gray box which displays your final grade and provides access to Review feedback for a particular assignment.

Step 11: Feeback

In this example, the professor’s feedback appears in the bottom green box. Moodle displays both numerical grades and written comments. The manner in which feedback is displayed may vary for each type of assignment but following the above steps will guide you to locate them. You're all done!