Find the Problem- No Drawers Under Modern Desks

Introduction: Find the Problem- No Drawers Under Modern Desks

I had stand up desks and other modern desks for a long time. The thing that always bother me was that these new desks don’t come with under the desk sliding drawers.

This leads to me putting stuff on top that eventually builds up into a huge mess which honestly stresses me out.

I went and I bought this new mechanical stand up desk which looked awesome in pictures but again didn’t have drawers underneath.

I looked everywhere at ikea and online. The only thing closest to this was some 170 dollar sliding drawer that didn’t even look that nice. Some were cheap but were kind of small and look outdated and didnt match my desk

Step 1: Buy Organizers, Measure and Design in 3d

found these organizers at this local ikea that were affortable, durable and rigid

i measure and designed this using the ikea’s 7 DOLLAR KUGGIS 8 compartment plastic storage insert which are made of a durable and strong Plastic.

Step 2: 3d Print and Drill Into Place

after 3d printing i used 3/4 inch screws to screw the brackets into place and voila new desk drawers to stay organized

Step 3: 3d Files and Etsy

you can buy the 3d files here

or you can buy the 3d printed brackets here


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