Introduction: FindMe (Wifi Triangulation)

In hazard environment the key of fast and secure saving is locate the buried or the losted child.

In this istructables you must use :

3 Router/AP wifi or hot spot

1 Intel edison with :

Groove-LCD RGB


Groove breakoutboard

Step 1: Set Up Your Edison and Test It !

Setup your edison.

To use your intel edison you must update the image of Edison, follow the istructions in this link to succesfully update Intel Edison.

After this, you must install the MRAA and UPM library those you allow to abstract the button, lcd and other component to be able use this component in your c++/js/py codes.

Download library MRAA - UPM.

Connect via ssh to your Edison and login as root.

After you download the whoole bunch of library you can test the program with:

g++ -o buzzer-sound -I../upm-master/src/buzzer/buzzer-sound.cxx ../upm-master/src/buzzer/buzzer.cxx -lmraa

and with


You will listen some good noise !

Step 2: Connect the Groove Breakout !

In this case we connect the lcd to i2c bus and the button to the digital pin D8.

Step 3: How Use It

We use the button to compute the position of the Edison from the intencity of the signal of the wifi and display these informations on the display.

The position in the space of the ap wifi is know so the edison simply scan and compute the position with the trilateretion algoritm (link: trilateration).

to use our code you wil need to edit the to define the 3 known access point; you just need to set the MAC address of them ad their position from you.

You can see all codes on the repository :

gitHub : wargio

Step 4: What Do You Want to Fly High

In the future will be implementeted some awesome feauture such as:

Activate the emergency status on both your and your baby board by pressing a button.

Your suite will automatically detect the emergency and will send an alarm if you are injured.

And so on !