Introduction: Finding/Uploading Files to Tinkercad (mac Oriented)

In this tutorial I am showing how to search for an stl. file, and upload into !

Step 1: Open Thingiverse is a website where artists can upload 3D modeling designs they have created. Most designs are in an STL. formatting, which works with Tinkercad.

Since you are downloading somebody else's design, always make sure to check what their requirements of usage are, and make sure you are not violating their copy rights.

Step 2: Decide What You Are Looking For

Utilize the search bar in the top right hand corner to search for the particular design that you are interested in. I chose a bear because I recently saw this cool use of 3D modeling.

Step 3: Select the Design You Are Interested in

Scroll through the feed of options and find a design that appeals to you!

Step 4: Download the Files

Once you have selected your design that you're interested in, look towards the top right hand corner where there is a 'download files' option. This will allow you to download the stl. files that compose the design.

Step 5: Find the File on Your Computer

Once clicking on the button, this small window will come up on your screen. Feel free to read the information.

The file you have just downloaded can be found in the upper right hand corner under your 'downloads' tab. Click on the button to find a drop down menu. The first item on the list will be the file that you have just downloaded. Make a note of what the file is called.

Step 6: Open Tinkercad! is a free website that allows for you to create/modify 3D designs that can be downloaded and sent to a 3D printer. The software is relatively easy to pick up and manipulate.

If you don't have a free account, you can make one quickly, or if you do, just log in.

Step 7: Creating a File on Tinkercad

Once you have logged in, you will be sent to your home page.

On this homepage, you will select the 'new design' button.

Step 8: Importing a File on Tinkercad

You will have a blank plane on your screen, which is the starting point for all new Tinkercad designs.

Look towards the upper right hand corner, where there is a button that says 'import'.

Once you have selected import, a small window will appear. Click the 'choose a file' button in the center.

A drop down menu will appear. Type in the name of the file that you have just downloaded from thingiverse !

When you find the file you have downloaded, double click.

A small window will appear on the screen double checking that you want to import the file, click the 'import' button in the lower left hand corner.

Step 9: Ta Da!

Congrats! You have uploaded a stl. file into tinkercad, and you may now begin to edit your design!