Introduction: Fine Mist Spray Bottle

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This is just a simple fine mist spray bottle I made using the spray mechanism I recycled from a perfume bottle.

To see how I recycled the perfume bottle, click here, you can also check out my website here.

Step 1: Supplies


1. small bottle with screw-on cork
2. spray mechanism from perfume bottle
3. krazy glue
3. tape (optional)


1. power drill (I used a 3/8'' drill)
2. bench vise (optional)

Step 2: Drill the Hole

You can basically drill the hole anywhere on the top of the cap. Make sure it is neatly done as you would want the bottle to be leak proof when completed.

The bench vise is used to hold the bottle steady for a neatly drilled hole.

Step 3: Apply Glue and Fit

Use the krazy glue to seal the two components together.

I decided to fit the mechanism from below because it looks neater and was easier to seal leak proof even under pressure with say....soda.