Introduction: Finger Flick Basketball Game

This creative project was made out of scrap wood to make a fun game which children or even adults can have a lot of fun playing. Best of all, it is very cheap to make.

- 2 36 x 66 half inch thick wood planks
- 20 1 and 1/2 inch screws
- 4 ping pong balls
- 2 basketball game toy set launchers (you can pick these up at the dollar store)
- Spray paint of your choice
- acryllic paint of your choice
- a tarp (used for painting on)
- paint brushes
- five 1/4 inch thick dowel sticks - they are about 36 inches long
- Cloth or three bandanas of your choice
- a permanent markers
- one table saw (often called a jigsaw) and one free hand saw
- drill
- hot glue gun and hot glue sticks
- the inside of two duct tape rolls
- original easy liner grip top grip bottom - material

Step 1: Cutting Out the Back

- Lay down one 36x66 1/2 inch wood plank horizontally on preferably a work bench or a surface where you can saw wood
- Use a permanent marker to mark an 18x22 rectangle on the wood
- Use a table saw to cut the shape out of the wood. Label this part "back" using pencil
- Set this piece aside for later (this will be the back of the arcade)

Step 2: Cut Out the Two Walls and the Bottom

- From the remaining wood cut out an 18x24 rectangle. Label this part "bottom" using pencil
- Set this piece aside (this will be the bottom)
- Continue to saw out two identical 18x24 pieces out of the remaining wood and label these two pieces left wall and right wall.

Step 3: Cutting Out the Slope

- From the remaining wood cut out a 17x22 piece and label this part "slope"
- Using a free-hand saw take the "slope" and cut a sliver off both corresponding ends of the 18 in. sides.
- Be as precise as possible

Step 4: Making the Sides Rounded

Take your two wall pieces and using a marker etch out a slightly curved line starting from the top of the wall ending about 3 inches below your initial starting point.
Cut out the etched piece of the wall so the walls now have a slight descending curve.

Step 5: Launcher Plank

From the remaining wood cut out One 18x3 piece and set this aside

Step 6: Screwing in Walls and the Back to the Bottom.

Prop the back piece vertically on a work bench or table and rest the bottom piece on top so you get an "L" shape. Flip the piece upside down so it is in proper functioning form with the back piece farthest from you, the two walls on the left and right side, the bottom piece on the table and an adequate amount of space in between for playing.The back wall should be 22 inches tall and the walls should be about 18 inches tall. The screws will be going into the side walls, evenly spaced out, and screws coming from the bottom, going into the back, so the head of the nail is will not be seen on the bottom. There will also be screws coming from the bottom going into the sides, but you must secure the sides to the back first, using 4 screws on both sides. Take the two walls and connect the straight side of the walls to the bottom piece.

Step 7: Screwing on the Slope

- Take the slivered piece where the ends were angled and diagonally position it in the playing space. This piece is your slope is meant for the balls to roll down after each shot. There should be a couple inches of flatness on the bottom.
- Make sure the slivered ends are connected to the back and bottom piece. The ends were slivered to have a nicer fusion.
- Firmly hold this piece in place and from the back piece screw the slivered piece in place
- Flip the entire structure upside down locate where the bottom part of the slivered piece meets the bottom part and from the bottom part screw the slivered piece in place Position the structure right side up. The shooting plank is in the picture... that is the next step.

Step 8: Screwing on the Shooting Plank

Screw the shooting plank on horizontally. You will have to screw it on by drilling two screws into each of the walls. This should be 6-7 inches off of the bottom (it does not have to be perfect).


Paint the structure and design it any way you want. We painted it using some spray paint and then added more coats with acrylic paint. We used stickers and glued some printed images onto the game.

Step 10: Add the Launchers

Hot glue the two launchers evenly apart from each other from the two set on the launcher piece.

Step 11: Making the Hoops

- Spray paint two used duck tape rolls silver (or any color you like)
- these will be the hoops
- you should have TWO
- hot glue these onto the back of the structure evenly spaced apart with 3-5 inches of space from the top

Step 12: Making the Boundary Net

- Get two 12 inch dowel sticks and glue them onto the inside of the walls so their is only about an inch of the stick on the structure.
- add a bandana by glueing it on the back and then stretching it to the top of the dowl sticks

Step 13: Materiales to Keep the Balls From Bouncing Around Everywhere

- First attach a bandana onto the slope using hot glue. This will be used to prevent the balls from bouncing once they hit the slope.
- The black strip you see in the picture is a grippy material called original easy liner grip top grip bottom which is used so the balls do not fly out when rolling down the slope
- attach this by gluing it to the shooting plank

Step 14: Ball Stopper

- Cut four 18 inch dowel sticks and glue them .5 inches apart on popsicle sticks. Then wrap this with a bandana. Attach this to the game by gluing the the bottom into the very bottom of the game, them angle it outwards a little bit by gluing some of the loose fabric from the bandana onto the sides of the game.

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