Introduction: Finger-knitting Fun

This is a beautiful art piece that can be hung on a wall or become a centerpiece for a table! It was super fun to make and it turned out wonderful! What inspired me to do this piece was really my creativity. On a cold day I went through my yarn bin when I saw this beautiful multi-colored piece of yarn waiting for me to use. I encourage everyone to try this our for themselves. I really like this piece because it is not perfect, the edges are not perfectly round, and some strings hang out on the end. But that is the beauty of art, it does not have to be perfect.

Step 1: Materials

First, choose your yarns color and thickness. I recommend a thin yarn but you can use whatever thickness you like. I suggest using one color of yarn but you can use more than one if you feel you have a handle for it.

Step 2: Finger-knitting

Next, you want to finger-knit a very long rope of yarn. I have shown some examples of finger-knitting above but if you are still not sure how to finger knit there are plenty of great videos that you can watch to explain in more detail. Once you have finished your finger-knitting rope coil it up into a circle. Then you should take any random scraps (they won't show on your finished product) and bound each loop of rope to the neighboring loop of rope. After you feel that it is secure and is ready to be mounted to a surface (the wall, cardboard, display etc..) you can tape, glue, or thumbtack your creation on your chosen surface.

Step 3: Finished

Now you are finished! Was that fun? Try this out at home. If you have a smaller piece of yarn you can make a version smaller than mine and it will still turn out wonderfully!

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