Introduction: Fingerboard Skate Park Easy to Make

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That's skate park is easy and portable. You can add your own things to it also, this is just how I made mine.

Step 1: Supplies and Stuff

What you need :
Paper clip
Duct tape
Popsicle sticks
Toilet paper roll
Empty roll of tape
That's it !

Step 2: Shoebox

The first thing you need is a shoebox. When you open the shoebox it is already a ramp* so you don't need to build a ramp. The bottom of the box is the base

*see more in the step 4

Step 3: The Rail

The rail is just a bent out paper clip. It is very easy to make. I recommend taping the "rail" to a Popsicle stick then sticking it to the bottom of the shoebox

Step 4: Ramps

For ramp I used a Popsicle stick. Don't put the the Popsicle stick anywhere were it would make the box not able to close. When you open the box, the top of the box bends down and is also a small ramp. I drew arrows pointing down on the "ramp" so you could tell it was a ramp

Step 5: Other Stuff

With the empty roll of tape, you can tape it in to the box and use it has a obstacle, something to do tricks with, etc. for the toilet paper roll, tape it down in a corner for a fun obstacle and tricks.

Step 6: Note From the Author

Feel free to add your own things to this. This is how I made mine. Thanks -bluedog131