Introduction: Fingerboard Skate Park and Car Race for Kids DIY

The trailer of the Fingerboard Skate Park and Car Race for Kids DIY

Step 1: Fingerboard Park DIY Gathering and Plan

So, I noticed that this last four years and more, those little skateboards and parks weren't sold much anymore

in toy stores and other places, even if they are very expensive and if it's made in a woodshop the value of it can be higher than expected and not affordable. There will also be possibilities to make them yourself but the cost of material like concrete or wood can also take a lot of time and be expensive as well. This is why I decided to use the materials we find at home, some very nice toy easy that is easy to make and is economic and good to reuse things that go to the garbage like cardboard and boxes or plastic items/magazines and more...

#1 Planning

So my plan was to create a skatepark that is playable looks nice and not having difficulties making it.

I then drew a draft on paper of what it will probably look like (top view).

Then I started to look around in the house any material that can be used and started gathering cardboard, paper, boxes, and some plastic I found.

#2 Building

Later on, after all the material gathering, I decided to build a ramp for the skate park because it will be the main important attraction to play with.

I cut some biscuit box in a rectangle and measured the long side to create the 2 sides of the ramp.

I then had the base, 2 structures, and used hot glue to stick them together and some duct tape.

After drying, I found a strong sheet of paper for drawing and got the idea to place it on the structure and let it be used for a smooth ramp.

Then for stairs, I used a small box, cut it out and used some scratch cardboard and cut it in many small rectangles that I glued together to form a stair, after stacking them I attached it to the box and added over it some decorations, same for the ramp.

For the ledge, I used a handmade tissue box that was useless and I added inside some cardboard bags that I smashed and put inside to make it stay still. I then decorated it to make it look nice.

I stuffed the inside of the ramp with some old magnets that will give weight and make it stay still while playing on it.

For the whole space, I had a gift paper with some lego design and a long piece of cardboard from a fruit box, I placed it on the ground and took the paper and placed it over it.

I compared some toys skatepark I already had and I played in the DIY I made and the real toy, there isn't much difference, the DIY can be customized as much as wanted and can be rebuilt if it broke apart. (it didn't)

Step 2: Enjoy the Skate Park and Play With Friends :)

Now that the skatepark is ready, we can invite friends and play together, we all have some old fingerboards leftover somewhere or some small car, if not sometimes you can find some very cheap skateboards in dollar stores. Learn new tricks have fun customizing and creating and enjoy the game !

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