Introduction: Fingerprint Identification

We can see the fingerprint application in our daily life.with the development of mobile phone industry,almost everyone's mobile phone has fingerprint unlocking function.Today,I will introduce a fingerprint unlocking device which can be used to the fingerprint unlocking door .This provides us with a faster and safer way to open and close doors than the traditional way


Step 1: Hardware Components

The most important part is the Seeeduino-XIAO and its base shield, it is the whole part of the brain, we use it to complete data communication and code control.

Grove-Capacitive-Fingerprint-Scanner is a model to test and input fingerprint.

Grove-LCD-RGB-Backlight.html is used to display the information of what you want. For example, welcome someone or can not recognize.

Grove-RGB-LED-Ring-20-WS2813-Mini can pass information. You can set two different colors, green means correct fingerprint is recognized, red means fingerprint does not match.

Grove-Servo is a door lock device, can control the door open and close.

Step 2: Hardware Connection

1. Please connect the seeeduino xiao to its base shield .

2. Connecting the Grove-16x2 LCD to the base shield in the I2C interface.

3. Connecting the Grove - Capacitive Fingerprint Scanner/Sensor with the fingerprint,and connecting this part to the uart interface in the base shield.

4. Connecting the Grove - RGB LED Ring to the digital interface of 1-2 in the base shield.

5. Connecting the Grove - Servo to the digital interface of 0-1 in the base shield.

Last, use a type c line connect to power.

Step 3: Function Display

When you have successfully entered your fingerprint, when you press with the finger that has already entered the fingerprint, the LED light turns green, the display prompts you to welcome, and the Grove - Servo control opens the door. When the wrong fingerprint is detected, the LED light turns red, the display indicates that it cannot be identified, and the Grove - Servo does not respond.

Step 4: Youtube Demo

This is a very interesting fingerprint recognition demo in the youtube.