Finish a Cutting Board With Beeswax




Introduction: Finish a Cutting Board With Beeswax

Wood cutting boards are a popular small woodworking project. Finishing and protecting a wood cutting board is very easy but you have to choose the right finish - it must be food safe. My favourite food safe wood finish is Clapham's Beeswax Salad Bowl Finish.

Beeswax finish is works great for all things wooden in the kitchen. The finish protects the wood and gives it a soft lustrous shine. Beeswax finish can be used for salad bowls, butcher blocks, cutting boards, wooden spoons, kitchen counter tops and also children's wooden toys.

Step 1: Materials

Beeswax Salad Bowl Finish

Soft cloth or rag

Step 2: Apply a Coat of Wax

Apply the finish thinly with your hand, cloth or paper towel. It may take some time to dry depending on the temperature and humidity of your home or workshop. I often do this before I go to bed at night, but the piece can be used immediately if you want.

Step 3: Buff to a Shine

Once the piece is dry, use a rag to buff to a light shine.

This is a really simple finish but it is not permanent. Over time, you notice the finish will wear off a bit and the cutting board will begin to look like it need another coat. When the piece looks dry, simply reapply a coat of wax - it's that easy!

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    6 years ago

    Do you ever heat the bees wax with a heat gun to get it into the pores of the wood?


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    I've never found it necessary - I keep the wax at room temperature and it seems to work into the wood grain well with a bit of friction. Good idea though.

    You can really notice the difference! Nice! Did you make that cutting board as well?


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks! This cutting board was actually a wedding gift. It's from here: