Introduction: Finished Coin Pusher

Hey there, sorry for uploading this so late, I´ve been working on it since i plubished my other instructable.
Well, now it´s finished and i´ll show you how i´ve done the hole thing.
First, if you didn´t see my other instructable is here:

Heres a video of it finished:

Step 1: Materials and Tools.

You will need the next materials:

-Balsa wood ( or any woo dyou want, but balsa wood is better to built things like this)
- Screws
-Thin plastic/ thin acetate ( you can find it in those paper stores, they are like A4 paper but in plastic)
-And all the materials of the other instructable.


-Little saw.
-Hot glue gun
-Dremel (It´s great for this project)

Step 2: Adding the Bottom Part.

The first thing that came to my mind is that I had to make it taller so the coins could be classificated into lost ones and won ones.
I bought more balsa wood and make some walls down the Builded thing.
So now it will be more easy to make the mechanism that I mentioned before.

Step 3: Making the Mechanism

Ok, so now I needed to use a little of my imagination to thnk a bout something that can classificate the coins into lost ones and won ones, and that the won ones went to a "compartiment" so I could take them later and to the won ones to go out of the machine.

Here´s how i did it:

First i put a piece of balsa wood in thge front part, down the machine, and made a hole so i cold insert a little tray with a cable to take it out with the lost cones.

Then i made a hole in the front part for the won coins to go out, and makde a tamp so the coins would slide out into a tray that I hot-glued down the hole.

Step 4:

Then i thought that the plastic i put before was a little bit... dirty and broken... so i bought a thinner one and screw it to the top to make a covering so that nobody could take out your coins...

Step 5: Mechanism and Electronics.

I left the mechanism and the electronics as they were, but I made a change in the mobile part ( the part that moves the coins), i put some thin plastic down this part so it would slide better and also put some on it so the coins didn´t break the balsa wood.
That gave me a problem, becouse i had to readjust the part where you dropped the coins.
But at the end i did it.

Step 6: Have Fun!

Well, I think here ends the coin pusher instructable, i think i wont change nothing so...

I hope you enjoy it and i´ll see you next time in my next instructable!!

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