Introduction: Jake the Dog / Cake the Cat Amigurumi

These are crochet dolls made to look like the main characters from Adventure Time!

Finn and Fionna are crocheted entirely with single crochet. I don't have a pattern for them, but they're really just basic shapes! Everything is done in the round with the right side facing out, and they have wire in their arms and legs to make them pose-able.

Cake and Jake follow the same basic pattern, and where you sew on the arms/legs changes whether they stand upright or on all fours. Here's a basic pattern for Jake:

• Size US H or smaller crochet hook
• Red Heart Super Saver yarn (or other 4-ply worsted weight yarn) in:
o Yellow
• Small amount of black and white felt
• Stuffing
• Tapestry needle
• Wire/pipe c leaner for arms/legs (optional)

Ch 5
1) sc 3, sc 3 in last st. On other side of starting ch, repeat (sc 3 across, sc 3 in last) (12 sts total)
2) (sc 3, sc 2 in last three sts) twice (18)
3) sc 5, sc dec over next three sts (the toe), sc rest of the way around but sc dec (over 2) once in the other end of the oval (the heel) (15)
4) sc 4, sc dec over the centermost three sts of the toe, sc rest of the way around (13)
5) sc 3, sc dec over the centermost three sts of toe, sc dec (over two) in the center of the heel, and sc the last one or two sts (10)
6 – 8) sc around three or more times around depending on how tall you want your dog to be

1) Make a magic ring, sc 8 in ring and pull shut- do not join, do not turn
2) Sc inc in each stitch (16 sts)
3) (Sc inc, sc 1) eight times (24 sts)
4) (Sc inc, sc 5) four times (28 sts)
5) Sc around probably like ten times? Or a long as you think looks good.
6) (Sc dec, sc 5) four times (24 sts)
7) (Sc dec, sc 1) eight times (16 sts)
8) Sc dec around (8 sts)
-stuff and cinch opening shut
-Chain 13 and (hdc inc, hdc 1) along the chain (18 sts). This should make a u-shape which you can few to the front of the body.

-Chain 7 and inc, sc, inc, inc, sc, inc across the chain (10 sts). This should make a u-shape which you can sew to the middle of the face.

-Sc 4 in a magic ring, pull it shut, and sew it underneath the jowls.

-Chain 5, sc 2, and hdc 2 along the chain. Leave a tail to sew to the body

- Stuff/add wire to the legs and sew to the body. Sew the ears, mouth, and jowls to the body. Sew tail to body. Cut a nose and eyes out of felt, and sew/glue them to the face.

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