Fire Alarm

Introduction: Fire Alarm

IR is a very useful module but do you know and IR also for flam detection. Using this fact we are going to make a fire safety device with Arduino.

Step 1: Material

Arduino UNO * 1

IR Module * 1

LED * 1

Buzzer * 1

Jumper wires

Bread board * 1

Programing Cable

Step 2: Connection

IR module---------------------- Arduino------------------------- LED

D0 ------------------------------- pin no. 2

Vcc------------------------------- 5v

--------------------------------------And ---------------------------- Gnd

--------------------------------------Pin no. 13 ---------------------+ve leg

Step 3: Explanation

Flam emits multiple radiations include visible lights and IR lights these IR rays detected by the IR receiver module and give High signal which is detected by the Arduino. Arduino responds to these signals.

Step 4: Code

Download and upload code on your Arduino UNO. If you don't have the Arduino IDE software click here to download and install

Step 5: TEST

light up match stick or lighter and take it close to the Module.

Step 6:

Here we have done, the Led will lit when it detects flames.

If you want to make it a professional safety instrument you can print this entire system on a Single PCB, You can directly order from nextPCB. They have amazing quality and they are budget-friendly, Quick delivery. I received my PCB within 4 days. I highly recommend try once.

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