Fire Breathing Dragons Phoenix and Gryphon Fight a Knight

Introduction: Fire Breathing Dragons Phoenix and Gryphon Fight a Knight

Phoenix and Gryphon are dangerous but beautiful fire-breathing dragons. They are in an epic battle with a brave knight come to steal the treasure.

Step 1: Dragon Outfits


Purple fabric

Gold fabric




These dragon outfits were sewn out of purple fabric and gold fabric. The purple fabric was sewn into a body suit, with a gold chest/belly underneath that opens to allow the dog to get in it, and then closes with velcro. The tail was made with a little pocket in it, with a velcro closure, to hide the actual dogs’ tails. The ankles of the legs all had elastic sewn into them, to help keep the legs from sliding down too far. The gold fabric was also used to make spikes, which were stuffed, and sewn along the top of the body and all down the top of the tail.

Step 2: Dragon Hats


Dragon hat (comes in black and red)

Purple, green and gold paint

Green and gold glitter

The dragon hats we wanted to use were originally black and red, which was the wrong color scheme. We re-painted the hats, using purple, green, and gold paint to cover the original hats. We then painted on matching glitter, to give the hats a sheen.

Step 3: Dragon Accessories

Dragons are known for their ability to breathe fire, which we of course wanted to add. To create the fire, we cut orange satin into a large flame shape, about 15 inches long. We then made smaller flame shapes of various sizes out of the red and yellow satin. We covered all of the pieces with fabric stiffener, to give them more of a shape, and propped up some of the tips, so they would dry in a more curved position. We glued on strips of very thick wire, and then sandwiched each flame with another piece of matching satin to cover the wire. We then glued the small flames onto the large flames, and bent them to give them a more fiery appearance. In addition to the fire, we added green dragon wings made of green netting with glitter accents.

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    I love your dog costumes!