Fire Bucket Prop




Introduction: Fire Bucket Prop

This is a small instructable on how to make a quick prop Fire Bucket!

Step 1: Gather Materials

First you need to gather materials, There are many ways to power LEDs and make them flicker. The cheaper way would to have multiple multivibrator oscillators based on 555 timer ICs. However sometimes time isn't on your side, or you do not have the correct capacitors needed, etc. This is why I keep chose these particular chips and microprocessors, because I keep them handy at all times.

Things needed for quick fire bucket:

Arduino Uno
Red/Orange/Yellow LEDs
Loads of assorted resistors (150 ohm were used in this case)
SPST Switch
9v battery and connector (I used three in parallel to increase runtime)
Diffuser screen (We had red and orange transparent sheets to use)
24awg solid wire

And last, at least one beer was required in the making of this.

Step 2: Putting Things Together

Slap some magic blue smoke onto everything and be done!

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    9 years ago on Step 2

    Very nice the code available by chance?