Introduction: Fire Cracker Chuncker

This is my first instructable so don't judge my typing skills. But this is a cannon that will shoot anything that fits in its barrel with only a firecracker.

Step 1: Gather Materials and Tools

You need the following materials,
1. One inch pressure rated PVC pipe
2.empty 12 gauge shell crackers
4. Super glue
5. Lighter

You also need the following tools,
1. Screw driver to remove the primer from the shell
2. Dremel or somthing to cut the pipe with
3. Tape measure
4. Hammer

Step 2: Punch Out Primer

Use the screw driver and hammer to punch out the primer from the shell punch from the inside to make it easier.

Step 3: Cut PVC

You can make it how ever long you want but 5 inches is what I like because fits in your pocket

Step 4: Super Glue Shell in PVC

This step is crucial you need to clean the inside of the pipe and the out side of the shell so the glue will stick this keeps the shell from shooting Back at you when you shoot it when you got the shell covered with glue hit into PVC with hammer

Step 5: The Wad

This step is for shooting many small objects such as rocks or bb's I am using a 12 gauge wad but if you don't have them use a chunk of styrofoam if your using somthing like a potato you can just ram it in the hole optional you can sharpen around the hole to make it easyer to push in

Step 6: Add the Force

To get the object to move you just simply push the fire cracker in the hole where the primer used to be go slow it is a little tight it's supposed to be so it don't fall out push it all the way so it just barely shows

Step 7: Shooting

To shoot this gun just simply light the firecracker and point in the direction you want to shoot only point at the intended target remember I am not held responsible for any damage or harm this is a gun and shoots with great force mine shoots 150 feet with a potato so be safe and have fun
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