Introduction: Fire Extinguisher Car

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Hello Everyone,My name is Harji Nagi.I am currently second year student studying electronics and communication engineering in India.

Today I made a bluetooth control "FIRE EXTINGUISHER CAR" via Arduino Uno ,Motor Driver Shield,HC-05 Bluetooth Module and Relay module.Proper source code is not available on any platform I made this with my own experience and knowledge on Arduino.

The component list are:

1)Motor Driver Shield

2)Arduino Uno

3)Relay Module

4)Car chassis ( 4*BO Motor)

5)One 3.3-5 V Submersible Water Pump with 30cm pipe

6)10 RPM DC Metal gear motor

7)Hc-05 Bluetooth Module

8)Jumper Wires

9)8V,1.5 Amp Battery for powering Arduino Uno and Motor Driver Shield

10)4V,1 Amp Battery for Submersible Pump or you can use 7805 Voltage regulator Ic

Other Equipments:

1)Soldering Iron

2)Glue Gun

Instead of using breadborad I have use small coustom pcb for positive and negative bus connection.

Step 1: Connection of BO Motor With Arduino Motor Driver Shield

Solder 2 wires to your BO motor. Next, connect the other ends of the wires to the 2 hole sockets on the Motor Driver Shield.The order of how you connect the wire doesn't matter. Repeat this for the other motor.

Do the connection as per the Circuit Diagram.

Take 8v,1.5Ampere battery pack and attach to M+ and ground pin of motor driver shield.This will be used to achieve a common ground with the arduino later.

Step 2: Connection of Submersible Pump With Relay

You can use either Relay module or you can build your own custom relay module.As a power supply You can either 7805 Voltage regulator IC to convert 8V dc to 5V dc or you can use external power supply of 4V,1ampere battery.But remember not to use more than 6v it can damage 5v submersible pump.

For more water pressure 12V water submersible pump is also available in the market but you have to change the circuit connection and power supply according to it.

Follow the circuit diagram as per instruction.

Step 3: Arm for Controlling the Direction of Water Pipe

For changing the direction of motor I am using 12V ,10 RPM DC metal gear motor.Solder the wires of dc motor.Next, connect the other ends of the wires to the 2 hole sockets on the Motor Driver Shield.Connect in M4 socket,as per according to code.

Step 4: Watch This Vedio for More Details

The code and hardware details are given in this link.Click Here.

And for controlling the car,You can use any Arduino Bluetooth Controller App.

Thank You.

Step 5: Summary

We will need 4 motors for car,one motor for controlling the direction of pipe and one water pump. Motor driver shield to drive the motorA brain, in our case arduino, is needed to command the robot how to move.We can use our phones as a remote control for our RC car .If you want to use your computer however, pair your computer with the bluetooth module, go to bluetooth settings which is found at the end of the bluetooth configuration page, check which port is it connecting to (tip: it is outgoing and has the name of your bluetooth module). Go to tools > serial ports and change the COM to the correct COM port. Fire up Serial monitor and enter 'F' for the robot to move forward, 'B' to move backward,'L' to move Left,'R' to move Right etc.For controlling water pump you can use on off switch in app.And for adjusting the direction of water pipe you can use 'X' and 'Y' key for left and right. If you've made this far, congratulations! Have fun with your Fire Extinguisher Car.

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